5th Place - level I

The A Trip through Strasbourg exhibition

Level 1 of the 5th Place is home to the centre’s permanent exhibition and at the same time offers an outstanding view of some of the main features of Strasbourg’s architectural heritage. Come up and enjoy a fascinating exhibition which traces the development of the city, from its origins to the present day, allowing you to get hands-on with interactive and digital experiences. A great way to find out all there is to know about Strasbourg.


An exhibition for taking a trip through Strasbourg

A Trip through Strasbourg takes you on a journey through historical Strasbourg as well as the city of today and the future. The exhibition gives both locals and visitors a fresh insight into Strasbourg, through its viewpoints, its architecture and its heritage, offering an invitation to enjoy a trip through an active, well-populated city with constantly changing perspectives.

The 5th Place is a centre for interpreting the city’s architecture and heritage, telling its story through multimedia, videos, models, maps, photographs and many other resources which take you straight to the heart of the city.

Inspiration for this exhibition came about through the official French “City of Art and History” label, which was awarded to Strasbourg in 2014, and the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List of Grande-Île, and Neustadt in 2017.

The exhibition allows visitors outstanding views of its surroundings and provides an ideal starting point for setting off on a tour of Strasbourg’s landmarks, which include magnificent sights, monuments and museums.

A 360° view of the city

An outstanding vista

The  A Trip through Strasbourg exhibition offers visitors a 360° architectural panorama with outstanding views of the iconic buildings around place du Château and place de la Cathédrale, which were previously unknown to visitors. The large windows opening onto the two squares follow the exhibition round to provide a framing effect and are in fact the building’s original fittings. A series of historical documents and photographs sets the scene for what lies outside the windows.

The  A Trip through Strasbourg exhibition offers a fascinating immersive experience through the city of both the past and the future.


Video mapping

A large-scale interactive model of the city traces the many changes Strasbourg has undergone over the centuries. Video mapping onto the model brings out the city’s waterways and cathedral to illustrate these changes.

6 short animated films (of between 1 to 2 minutes each) give insights into the major transformations Strasbourg has gone through, from historical (urban expansion), geographical (topography, population, land occupation between the blue and green belts) and contemporary (transport today, economic hubs) viewpoints.

The model is the central point linking the different parts of the exhibition and gives a visual idea of the evolution of the city’s area.

Digital media

Strasbourg, flowing with the water

Strasbourg ports is a fun, educational game and a standout feature of the exhibition. What you have to do is match the type of boat to the right port and the right period of history and answer questions in a quiz. The game is key to learning about Strasbourg’s relationship with water , from the Old Customs House (Ancienne Douane) to the Austerlitz basin and the other basins that make up the city’s inland port, which today stretches over a length of some 10 km.

other exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions at the 5th Place are designed to tie in with the permanent exhibition to offer visitors fresh content to explore. The exhibitions will focus on Strasbourg and will feature contemporary creations, digital installations and historical documents, offering fresh new perspectives of the city of the past and of the future.